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In 2009, America was in an economic downturn spurred by subprime mortgages and consumers spending fears.  During this time, companies across the nation were laying off employees and closing doors.  It was during this great recession, that Virtual Staffing Source was born.  Out of necessity, the founding owner, Diane M. Day, had to quickly figure out a way to earn income.  As a single mother, she had enjoyed the luxury of working for a Fortune 500 company for 15 years.  However, when the corporate executives inform the management team that her facility was closing, she had to make a decision.  Facing the options of an untimely relocation to another city during a major housing crisis did not seem like the best decision.  Nor did staying with the organization that was in the beginning phases of layoffs seem like a healthy choice.  In addition, trying to locate a job when the unemployment rate was rocketing to new levels seemed like a big waste of time.   What may have appeared risky was actually the only solid solution to securing a stable income.  With the support of friends and family, Virtual Staffing Source (VSS) was born in Riverview, Florida. 

Initially, VSS offered services to friends who operated small businesses.  Our first client was a co-worker who needed cards produced for an upcoming play.  With care and pride, VSS delivered the project to the playwright who later placed an additional order.  In time, clients cultivated and sourced through various networks and events.  One of the major objectives of VSS is to provide services that result in repeat business.  As satisfied customers recognize the support they received from VSS provided their ability to do more, repeat business calls became a reality.

In 2013, during a family crisis, Diane had to quickly move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The need to stabilize life required a slight halt to the operations of Virtual Staffing Source.  However, Virtual Staffing Source was introduced to the Pittsburgh market in 2014.  Our first Pittsburgh client was Verizon were we offered training and coaching to their sales team.   Today, working with various companies and entrepreneurs, Virtual Staffing Source continues to change the way America conducts business. 

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