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In 2009, America was in an economic downturn spurred by subprime mortgages and consumers spending fears.  During this time, companies across the nation were laying off employees and closing doors.  It was during this great recession, that Virtual Staffing Source was born.  Out of necessity, the founding owner, Diane M. Day, had to quickly figure out a way to earn income.  As a single mother, she had enjoyed the luxury of working for a Fortune 500 company for 15 years.  However, when the corporate executives inform the manage team that her facility was closing, she had to make a decision.  Facing the options of an untimely relocation to another city during a major housing crisis did not seem like the best decision.  Nor did staying with the organization that was in the beginning phases of layoffs seem like a healthy choice.  In addition, trying to locate a job when the unemployment rate was rocketing to new levels seemed like a big waste of time.   What may have appeared risky was actually the only solid solution to securing a stable income.  With the support of friends and family, Virtual Staffing Source (VSS) was born in Riverview, Florida. 

Initially, VSS offered services to friends who operated small businesses.  Our first client was a co-worker who needed cards produced for an upcoming play.  With care and pride, VSS delivered the project to the playwright who later placed an additional order.  In time, clients cultivated and sourced through various networks and events.  One of the major objectives of VSS is to provide services that result in repeat business.  As satisfied customers recognize the support they received from VSS provided their ability to do more, repeat business calls became a reality.

In 2013, during a family crisis, Diane had to quickly move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The need to stabilize life required a slight halt to the operations of Virtual Staffing Source.  However, Virtual Staffing Source was introduced to the Pittsburgh market in 2014.  Our first Pittsburgh client was Verizon were we offered training and coaching to their sales team.   Today, working with various companies and entrepreneurs, Virtual Staffing Source continues to change the way America conducts business. 


The visionary for Virtual Staffing Source is Diane M. Day.  Her life mission is to help others experience the greater in life.   She has spent her entire lifetime learning business concepts and the dynamics of organizations from the greatest managers and mentors that generously help her to develop into a leadership expert.  She has spent over 25 years in managerial roles developing programs that support and grow corporate and ministerial leaders and processes for multiple organizations.  Today, she continues to be both a scholar in life and in the classroom.  She is currently pursuing her masters in Organizational Leadership and later a PhD with the goal of moving into a professorship.  To review her credentials and see what others are saying about Diane, her resume and LinkedIn id is listed below. 






Dynamic and proven professional offering more than 25 years of leadership experience in the human resource and customer service industries.  Background includes an emphasis on training and development, recruiting, sales, marketing and public speaking.  Passion includes leadership development, team building and motivating self and others to deliver exceptional service.   


Geneva College, Masters of Science (in progress), Major:  Organizational Leadership/Leadership Studies, March 2018 

Geneva College, Bachelor of Science, Major:  Human Resources, May 2015

Community College of Allegheny County, Associate Degree (with honors), August 1987

Greg Powe Institute, September 2006 - June 2008 graduating with Diploma of Ministry Leadership

Course work included:  Developing Leader in You, Group Dynamics, The Power of Vision, and Effective Communication


Virtual Staffing Source, July, 2009 – Current

Owner:  Responsible for the daily operations of a virtual assistant service company.  Currently position is charged with all human resources, sales, marketing and financial activities.  Position also requires cultivation of client base and managing projects to ensure customer retention. Company offers professional services specializing in administrative support, document preparation, training and development, customer service, event planning and quality initiatives.


One Touch Direct, June 2011 – July 2013

Training, Quality and Recruiting Manager:  Responsible for the day-to-day operations of both the Training, Quality and Recruiting departments at our Lakeview facility.  Role involves the coordination of New Hire and Update classes using in-house trainers and contractors.  Supervisory responsibilities include hiring, training, retention management, quality assurance and performance management. 

Corporate Trainer:  Develop and facilitate program curriculum for clients specializing in sales and customer service.   Role involved being the corporate trainer for our Verizon Wireless, Verizon COFEE, AT&T B2B and T-Mobile programs.  Daily activities involve working with clients to ensure on-boarding and up-trainings are delivered accurately and on-time.  Partner with operations team to achieve desired performance goals.   

CVS Caremark, March 1996 – July 2014 (Multi-company mergers:  Thrift Drug, Eckerd Drug, Pharmacare Companies)

Pittsburgh assignments, July 2013 – August 2014

Manager:  Responsible for supporting the launch of a nationwide program which is a joint venture between the 7500 retail stores and the Specialty pharmacy. Assignment includes hiring over 200 exempt and non-exempt team members in preparation of program start.  Focus based on project installation working with training, IT, telecom and project management departments to ensure program was implemented as designed. 

Medication Therapy Counseling Clinical Coordinator II:  Responsibilities include administrative activities to enroll and follow up patient appointments into the MTC program. 

Florida assignments, 1997 - 2013

Pharmacy Operations Manager:  Managed the daily operations of the order entry, profiling and mail departments which output results in the weekly shipment of 50,000 prescriptions.  Department responsibilities included motivating and monitoring for maximum and accurate staff performance; positioning teams to foster learning and increase prescription knowledge.  This role requires the development of strong internal and external customer relationships to ensure timely delivery of orders.   

Training Manager:  Developed and managed a facility-wide training & development program for new, cross-training and management staff.  Responsibilities included staffing, training instructors, development of teaching materials, class evaluations, budget, and setting program’s goals and priorities. Program included departmental procedures, train-the-trainer, and professional development courses.  Implemented a New Hire program to assist in the adoption of new hires.  Managed the development of an Intranet site and customer service department. 

Total Quality Management Manager:  Implemented and managed a Total Quality Management program consisting of statistical measurements of staff productivity and defect levels, associate level workshop, quality council, quality surveys, continuous improvement recommendations and action plans.  Develop and facilitated reward and recognition programs geared towards motivation and retention.  Lead Auditor for the ISO registration and certification program.  Recipient of the Partners In Quality Leadership Award, 1999-2008.  Also was primary manager for implementing current Medicare Part D company policies.

 Customer Service Manager: Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the customer service department.  Included the monitoring and motivation of department supervisors, establishing and monitor department goals including abandon, speed of answer, courtesy, accuracy, and talk time, training and development of representatives and reward and disciplinary activities.

Buyer of Cosmetics/Fragrance:  Responsibility involved the purchasing activities of the cosmetics and toiletries departments for more than 2,500 stores.  This required inventory control of 9 distribution centers.


Pittsburgh Assignment, 1994-1997

Buyer of Minority Products:  Responsible for all management and purchasing activities of the ethnic, health food and pre-paid phone card departments.  Daily activities included:  Managing a $3 million sales budget; Designing profitable retail programs which involved the sourcing and selection of product, price structure, marketing concepts, planogram layout and store designation.


Staffing Source 2006 – 2009

Mental Health Technician part-time: Assignments included general clinical duties for patients residing in drug and alcohol, eating disorder and mental health institutes.  Responsibilities included suicide prevention, vital reporting, counseling and behavior monitoring. 

University of Pittsburgh, 1997-1995

Office Manager, Katz Graduate School of Business, Alumni Development Office:  Responsibility included managing the activities of the administrative staff.  This role supported the activities of the director and requests from major contributors to the university.   This position was also charged with helping to coordinate fundraising activities for the alumni.

Greg Powe Institute  2005 – 2012

Volunteer Administrator for a Leadership based Institute:  Participated in the initial planning stages of the Institute which included mapping vision, mission, marketing and recruiting for school.  Role Responsibility included all aspects of strategic planning, financial forecasting and budgeting, marketing, curriculum, administration, staffing, and student activities of program. 





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