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Virtual Staffing Source offers an extended arm to individuals and companies who need to accomplish more with their time and resources.  We are the solution for those who:


  • Need more hours in their day.
  • Need to do more with less.
  • Need additional staff.
  • Need impressive documents.
  • Need support with administrative functions.
  • Need a marketing team
  • Need ongoing training and development.
  • Need the expertise of qualified professionals to reach their company goals.


Virtual Staffing Source expands your capacity to do what you do best by adding virtual project support without increasing your personnel requirements. We offer a variety of vital services including administrative assistance, document preparation, training and development, event planning, quality improvement initiatives and management consultant services.


We are a highly successful company now operating in the Pittsburgh and Tampa markets. We have over 25 years experience in which we focus our efforts to build lasting business relationships with start-up, small and mid-sized businesses and ministries.


When thinking of organizational staffing, one has to consider the cost of payroll, benefits, workload maintenance and work space for each employee.   In today's economy an organization has to regularly review its options to remain competitive in the workforce.  By hiring virtual assistants, companies are free to better streamline their operations and concentrate on their bottom lines.   




Virtual Staffing Source offers companies an extended staffing arm while absorbing all the responsibilities relating to payroll, benefits and workload maintenance.  Our clients pay for the project not for the staff.   Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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Call +1 412.607.0850 or 412-573-1842


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